New and Used Pallet Racking

Standard Pallet RackFrom small warehouses to a large high-rise distribution center, our rack system solutions are designed to your specifications and support requirements.

Designing the perfect pallet rack system for your company is a multi-step process. This is because everyone’s goals and ideas are different and these goals and ideas are taken highly into consideration when using a renowned expert like San Diego Pallet Racking for your pallet racking needs.

San Diego Pallet Racking is your local and professional pallet racking expert.

We buy and sell used pallet racking throughout the San Diego area.

If you are planning to move, upgrade or close your facility, we are interested in discussing what used or surplus pallet racking you may have for sale or just to re-locate. No quantity of equipment is too large or small for San Diego Pallet Racking.

What is Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet Racking is basically used for storage of materials on skids or pallets. For the last sixty years, pallet racking has become a ubiquitous and essential part of all manufacturing facilities, modern warehouses, retail houses, and all other distribution and storage facilities. Palletized materials are basically stored here and they are arranged in horizontal rows having multiple levels.

Horizontal beams mixed with pairs make the horizontal levels that support the loads. Each pallet rack bay needs to have two uprights. But if anybody is looking for multiple bays in any row, a common upright placed in between can connect the bays.
We make Pallet racking systems of different types. We make standard pallet racking systems, mezzanine flooring systems, conveyor belts, and forklifts. The height of the pallet racking system depends on the height of the building and the shape and type of material you are going to store in the pallet.

  • How much does pallet racking cost?

    As far as single depth pallet rack is concerned, the price of standard selective pallet rack is around $20 to $75 per pallet position, depending on new or used pallet racking. This is the most common form of pallet rack used. However, double deep rack consists of two pallets and is generally priced higher. High-density racks are priced even higher still. In such cases, price varies and is dependent on how much load depth you are asking for.

  • How to measure pallet racking?

    Pallet rack frames have in general three dimensions- depth, height and size of the column. The height should be measured seeing three different variables – ceiling height, the maximum height forklift can reach and also local building regulations. The depth depends on the size of the pallets and its design you are going to use. The back and front of the pallet must overhang the cross beams by 3”. But this standard sizes (40″ x 48″, 48″ x 48″, 48 “x 42″, or 40″ x 40”) are mostly in use.

  • How to assemble pallet racking?

    To begin with, the racking assembly needs to be leveled and vertical. If the floors are uneven, you can use shims for the purpose. Make sure all anchors, locks, and connections are tightly attached so that the structural integrity of the pallet rack is not disturbed. Before assembling, gather the equipment used which are measuring tape, chalk line, lifting device, leveler and mallet. Before you start assembling, follow the instruction guide provided by the company.

Material Handling Equipment Services

We offer all varieties of material handling equipment that will make the storage system in your warehouse smooth. We offer standard pallet racking system which can be adjusted to your desired height. If your warehouse floor area is small and wants to use it for other purposes, we offer mezzanine flooring systems. You will also get powerful forklift from us in order to carry your equipment to the topmost layer of the pallet rack if it is at a higher level. Our conveyor belts help to move goods from one end to the other. We are also expert in making mobile offices and modular offices if you need anything at the site.

Standard Pallet Racking Systems

Standard Pallet Racking SystemsStandard pallet racking systems are commonly used in warehouses and distribution centres for storage of finished goods and raw materials. One can get it in a new condition or can also install a used one if the condition is good. The height of the racking system can be adjusted, depending on the height of the warehouse and what materials you are going to keep there. The basic purpose of using standard pallet racking system is to create efficient storage systems.

Mezzanine Flooring Systems

Mezzanine Flooring SystemsMezzanine floors are a unique type of solution of pallet racking when using the floor area of a warehouse or manufacturing facility is considered. It helps to create artificial flooring in the unused area above the facility floor, thus creating an additional storage facility and doubling or trebling the usable floor area in the space above. We can construct all types of mezzanine floors giving storage solution as per your need and budget.

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor BeltsYou can install conveyor belts in your warehouse or manufacturing facility. Having a motor operated belt, it is used to transport goods, heavy or light from one end of the system to the other. It also helps to minimize labor costs as it can move a large volume of goods rapidly through a process. With a team of experts, we install the best quality conveyor belt in your factory or warehouse as per your budget and needs.

Modular Offices

Modular OfficesIf any changes in your business need further utilization of space and need to add more office staff, we are there to build a modular office for you in your factory or warehouse. With an effective layout design, we can build it quite fast and at lesser expense, as our experts know well what materials to use that will meet your need and budget. We can build modular office space of any size, small economic to larger ones.

Fork Lifts

fork LiftsIf there is a need for moving or lifting heavy goods within the factory or warehouse, a forklift is the best solution for it. If you have a warehouse or a factory, having a forklift has become a must nowadays. Whenever we install forklift, we keep in mind comfort, the safety of the operator, efficiency, and productivity. Whatever material, irrespective of size or weight you want to lift, we have a storage solution to each type.

If you are interested in buying pallet racking or material handling equipment from us, give us a call or shoot us an email. We also provide all types of material handling equipment like mezzanine flooring, forklift, conveyor belts which are essential in running a warehouse or a manufacturing facility. If you are in need of a modular office within your warehouse, we are also equipped in building that also.